Address: Gloucester

Postcode: Gloucester

Telephone: 07795 444981



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Ellie Burcher BSc (Hons) OT SROT

Organisation / Company: Community Equipment Solutions Ltd.

Position or Profession: Occupational Therapist

Sections qualified to provide training on:

  • Clinical & professional responsibilities

Available Training locations:

  • Nationally

Can provide training locally, regionally or nationally. Large groups preferred for travelling great distances.

Approved Trainer renewal date: 23/11/2020

Approved Trainer marketing information: Ellie has an excellent knowledge base within specifying and providing specialist equipment and home adaptations, including wheelchair accessible designing, specialist access facilities, moving and handling equipment and specialist seating, and much more. Working with clients with varying needs Ellie uses good assessment skills to identify the individual needs for each person, along with others involved in the wider support network, including families, carers and other professionals. Ellie’s clinical skills and experience are second to none in the equipment field, and she is recognised nationally as a true expert in her profession.