How our Scheme works

CECOPS CIC is the body for overseeing and controlling the Code of Practice Scheme.

Organisations wishing to work with and apply one of our Codes of Practice need to register with the Scheme. Code of Practice registrants will be listed on our online register, and will be granted the right to display the appropriate certification marks. Registered Users will be required to self-monitor their compliance with the Code, although many organisations will choose to become Accredited Users which gives independent verification of the quality of their services.

The Code of Practice Scheme is administered and appropriately controlled to maintain its reputation as the quality indicator for the sector. Without the requirement to register with the Scheme, the Code of Practice could become subject to misuse by organisations, bringing disrepute to the Scheme, and to those organisations which legitimately comply with the relevant Code of Practice.

A summary explanation of how the Scheme works, including registration and accreditation, is provided in the following sections.