Address: Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health 92 Bath Road Hounslow

Postcode: TW3 3LN

Telephone: 020 3771 5990



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Central London Community Healthcare (Partnership)

Registration Number: R190356

Service Registered: Hounslow Wheelchair Hub

Organisation Type: NHS

Date of Registration: 15th November 2016

Renewal date: 01/11/2018

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  • Full Registration

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  • Service provision
  • Clinical & professional responsibilities
  • Peripheral issues & specialist areas

Additional Information

The Wheelchair Hub, Hounslow, is a new and improved integrated wheelchair service - delivered in partnership between three innovative London NHS trusts.

The new partnership venture is comprised of Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust (HRCH), Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH), and Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KCH).

The Wheelchair Hub will combine the strengths of HRCH and CLCH - as well established wheelchair service providers, with the rehabilitation engineering expertise from KCH - who will provide engineer-led repairs and maintenance within the new integrated team.

The new service is located at Inwood Business Park, Hounslow (opposite Hounslow Train Station). The new base for The Wheelchair Hub offers local people improved access to the wheelchair service via excellent public transport links, as well as improved car parking facilities.

Sarah Brown, service manager for the Wheelchair Hub: “We are delighted to have been successful in our joint bid to deliver a new integrated wheelchair service for Hounslow, in collaboration with our NHS partners. The combined expertise of the three organisations working together will enable us to deliver the highest quality wheelchair service, which will be of huge benefit for local people in the borough.”

She adds: “Local wheelchair users will continue to be able to access the same high quality wheelchair service provision that they have come to expect from the existing wheelchair service – with the added benefit of additional engineering expertise within the team, which will mean improved responsiveness for all aspects of wheelchair and posture care, including repairs.”