Address: 60 Grace Church Street London

Postcode: EC3V OHR

Telephone: 01223 598345



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CareRooms (Cambridge)

Registration Number: R190394(A)

Service Registered: CareRooms (Cambridge)

Organisation Type: Private Company

Date of Registration: 16th April 2018

Renewal date: 16th April 2021

Corporate Accreditation: NO

Accreditation Renewal date: October 31, 2021

Registration Category

  • Full Registration

Sections Registered

  • Service Provision (TEC)

Additional Information

CareRooms consists of a team of people from a variety of industries that have come together to develop a solution to one of the biggest challenges faced by the U.K. health and social care system today.

Together, we are building a safe, flexible and national network of amazing people with accessible space in their homes, to ensure patients are provided with a fundamental choice: the choice to not remain in a hospital bed for longer than necessary, the choice to not be at risk of further illness and infection and the choice to be educated in their condition to broaden their understanding and help reduce the risk of recurrence. Our services will also help to tackle social isolation whilst building stronger communities and will also ease the growing capacity crisis in the NHS and global healthcare systems.

Our top priority is the protection of our Guests and our Hosts. We use rigorous and stringent background checks and in-person interviews as well as detailed assessments of guests from their Healthcare Professionals. When combined with our in-room tele-monitoring and access control technologies, we are creating a safe, comfortable and friendly environment for you, your loved one or your patient to recuperate in.

In partnership with external healthcare equipment providers, high-quality catering providers, dedicated and outstanding hosts and our National Health Service, we are going to challenge perceptions and create a community alternative to becoming a bed blocking statistic.

We are CareRooms and we’d love to get to know you. You can register your interest by emailing us on or calling us on 0333 1212 227.