Address: 5/6 Brook Office Park, Folly Brook Road, Emersons Green, Bristol

Postcode: BS16 7FL

Telephone: 0117 906 1700



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HF Trust Ltd

Registration Number: R190385

Service Registered: Personalised Technology Team

Organisation Type: Charity

Date of Registration: 24th January 2018

Renewal date: 24/01/2019

Registration Category

  • Full Registration

Sections Registered

  • Service Provision (TEC)

Additional Information

Hft is one of the largest and longest-established charities supporting people with learning disabilities.
Our Fusion Model of Support focuses on the specific needs of each individual, being creative about the kind of support we offer.

Our services range from residential care and day opportunities to supported living/domiciliary care at home – from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day.

Hft is one of the UK’s leaders in the use of Personalised Technology, sometimes referred to as assistive technology, to support people with learning disabilities to increase their independence, safety, privacy, choice and control.

From specialist telecare systems to safer bath-plugs, assistive technology can enhance the lives of the people we support – but only where it supports an individual’s unique desires and needs. At Hft we conduct detailed personal assessments with the people we support, working with them and their families and support staff to find creative ways for technology to improve their lives, both now and in the future.

Our approach to Personalised Technology means we look at what people want to achieve first, before then exploring whether assistive technology could help. We call it Personalised Technology because the solution is tailored to the individual and their needs – putting the person at the centre and helping them to live the best life possible.

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