Professional Adviser

Dr Neil Wheeler, EdD, MBA.

Dr Neil Wheeler has worked for 15 years as Principal Lecturer in Oxford Brookes University teaching, consulting and researching Healthcare Management. Prior to this he spent 15 years as a clinician and manager in the NHS, and 10 years as a general manager and executive director for an NHS Trust.

As a clinician he was heavily involved in the assessment and provision of disability equipment, and as a manager held a portfolio including provision of all disability equipment, and established one of the UK’s first unified equipment services.

Neil says:

“I am delighted to be part of the Code of Practice Scheme. Disability Equipment services have evolved over many years, under a bewildering range of government agencies and as a consequence are poorly understood and inconsistently delivered. Governance and sensitivity of provision have been patchy at best and this drive to put services onto a firm footing is precisely what is needed. I am impressed by the thoroughness and pragmatism in the work and consider that it is capable of radically improving client experience while reducing costs through elimination of waste.”